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Friday, July 4, 2014

65 Million Americans Are Not Having a Happy July 4th

By Bill Quigley, AlterNet

About 20 percent of the U.S. population is left out of the promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

3 Sneaky, Dangerous New Ways Pharma Is Churning Profits

By Martha Rosenberg, AlterNet

Ever hear of Ankylosing Spondylitis?

12 of the Most Inhumane American Presidents

By Al Carroll, History News Network

Let's judge presidents by the most nonpartisan and reliable standard: who did the most harm and/or good to the greatest number of people?

Cannabis Sex Spray? Latest Pot Treat Designed for Female Sexual Pleasure

By April M. Short, AlterNet

Cannabis has long been said to heighten sexual stimulation.

16 Epic Jon Stewart Insults Worthy of Shakespeare

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Somewhere the bard is smiling.

The Founding Fathers Backed Thomas Piketty—And Feared a Powerful 1 Percent

By Joseph Blasi, Salon

On this patriotic holiday weekend, remember the founding fathers' warnings about inequality.

Paul Krugman: We're on a Road to Nowhere

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Everyone thinks we need good roads. Why won't Congress even spend the money for that?

Firecracker Alert: Hearing Damage on the Rise Among Younger Americans

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Did you know how easily loud noises can hurt your ears?

Fracking Company Offers Pennsylvania Residents $50,000 In Hush Money If They Promise Not to Sue

By Naveena Sadasivam, ProPublica

All EQT Corporation asks is that residents release the company from any legal liability for current—and future—operations.

As You Celebrate the 4th, Remember Why America's Working Families Need Unions to Stay Strong

By Brigid O'Farrell, AlterNet

Unions help families secure prosperity and opportunity.

Anti-Vaxx Insanity: New Study Highlights the Dangers of Science Denialism

By Dan Arel, Salon

A recent outbreak of measles has been traced to one individual child — a stark reminder of a public health crisis.

I Worked at Hobby Lobby and Saw the Troubling World of Corporate Christianity

By Charity R. Carney, Huffington Post

Can Americans tell the difference between religion and consumption?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fracking Company Offers Pennsylvania Residents $50,000 In Hush Money If They Promise Not to Sue

By Naveena Sadasivam, ProPublica

All EQT Corporation asks is that residents release the company from any legal liability for current—and future—operations.

WATCH: Dozing Off After Work While Black Now Illegal on NYC Subway Trains

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Police brutalize a man for the crime of sleeping on his way home from work.

America the Violet: Take This Quiz To See Where You Fall on the Political Spectrum

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

The Pew Research Center's political typology breaks down the strict divide between red and blue voters.

What Does Jesus Want for Your Vagina? Christian Right's Mission To Control Americans' Sex Lives

By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

Hobby Lobby is about the Christian right wanting to punish and control women.

This Map Shows You Which Countries Smoke the Most Pot

By April M. Short, AlterNet

The Washington Post created a convenient data map based on the United Nations 2014 World Drug Report.

10 States Where Guns Are Most Likely, And Least Likely, To Kill People

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

New analyses show that where guns are plentiful, they get used.

Everything I Screwed Up While Trying to Eat Like Gwyneth Paltrow for a Week

By Lindy West, Jezebel

I spent only a week eating Gwyneth's gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, meat-free, ingredient-free food, but I was kind of a disaster.

Border Patrol Agent Who Murdered A Mexican Teen In Cold Blood Finally Has to Answer For His Crime

By David Lee, Courthouse News

15-year-old Sergio Guereca was shot and left to die in an act of senseless violence.

Robert Reich: 'Freedom' Is Just Another Word For Letting the Rich Get Richer

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

The conservative mind has never incorporated economic power into its understanding of freedom.

5 Reasons Why I Refuse to Watch the World Cup

By Sonali Kolhatkar, Truthdig

Big money and homophobia are just some of the issues associated with today's popular global sporting event.

The Silence of American Hawks About Kiev’s Atrocities

By Stephen F. Cohen, The Nation

The US-backed regime in Kiev is committing atrocities against its own citizens.

I Watched a Woman Cough Blood Till She Died: Cecily McMillan on Shocking Conditions at Rikers Island

By Cecily Mcmillan, Justice For Cecily

The union organizer speaks about the need to improve jailhouse conditions.

Why Did a University Fire a Govt-Approved Marijuana Researcher With No Explanation?

By April M. Short, AlterNet

Sue Sisley planned to head up a key study of marijuana to treat PTSD in veterans at the University of Arizona.

The Weirdest Requests I've Gotten Working As a Sex Web Cam Girl

By Anonymous, xojane

The pros and cons of spending your nights naked on the internet.

Why Heterosexuality Didn't Really Exist Until the 19th Century

By Thomas Rogers, Salon

The history of straightness is much shorter than you'd think.

For Palestinians, This Week's Deaths Highlight the Asymmetry of Power

By Ahmad Samih Khalidi, The Guardian

The latest killings bring to the forefront Palestinians' deep concern about prisoners and reopen wounds on both sides of the conflict.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Pandora's Box Wide Open: Faith Leaders Ask Obama for Exemptions to Discriminate Against LGBT Persons

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Groups say that a non-discrimination order violates religious freedoms.

How Can Atheists Also Rationally Call Themselves Republicans?

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

CJ Werleman's new book proves that simply being an atheist does not make one smart or educated about politics.

The Ultra-Right-Wing State Nobody Mentions

By Bryan K. Bullock, Truthout

This state seems to have escaped scrutiny over such right-wing actions such as voter ID and anti-union measures.

This Graphic Sums Up Just How Messed Up The Hobby Lobby Ruling Is

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

Here's your illustrated guide to American personhood.

How Fox News and Drudge Push The Mexican 'Germ Invasion' Myth

By Laura Murphy, The Guardian

100 years ago, the KKK accused migrants of spreading disease. Fox picked up where they left off.

Your Kitchen Can Be a Planet Killer -- 8 Ways You Can Turn It Green

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

If we’re going to eat more sustainable foods, shouldn't we​ prepare them in more sustainable rooms?

Is SCOTUS's Harris v. Quinn Ruling on a New Version of the Infamous Dred Scott Decision?

By Jane McAlevey, Waging Nonviolence

The decision takes aim at public-sector workers because they are the leading source of employment for people of color and women.

In Praise of the 'Beta Male'

By Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon

Take it from me: Sensitive, nurturing, conflict-averse communicators make great partners.

6 Psychedelic Trips From Legal 'Drugs' You Probably Didn't Know About

By Rula Al-Nasrawi, AlterNet

From nutmeg to morning glory, drug explorers discuss mind-bending substances in Erowid's Experience Vaults.

Why We Might Be On the Verge of Another Financial Crash

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

As individual companies become more productive, the economy has remained stagnant because there is little demand for goods.

How Israel Brutally Punished Palestinian Society For the Crimes of a Few

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

The disappearance of three Israeli youths lead to the largest Israeli army operation in the occupied West Bank in years.

4 Surprising and Outrageous Ways Private Companies Are Fueling the Student Debt Crisis

By Hannah K. Gold, AlterNet

Start-ups are promoting a "pay it forward" approach to educating young people. But does this system really benefit students?

Tom Cruise's Latest Sci-Fi Flick Might Seem Like a Flop, But It's Actually a Hoot

By Dorothy Woodend, The Tyee

In 'Edge of Tomorrow,' our hero fights an army of tentacle aliens that have invaded Earth.

Robin Thicke's Epic PR Disaster

By Hannah Jane Parkinson, The Guardian

The "Blurred Lines" singer took part in a Q&A session on Twitter with VH1 that didn't go quite well.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Noam Chomsky: Our Govt. Is Capable of Creating Total Catastrophe for Humankind

By Noam Chomsky, Tom Dispatch

America's real foreign policy exposed.

The Supreme Court’s Radical Right Wing Majority: Waging War on Women And Boosting Corporate Power

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

As term closes, the court hands down a trio of misogynist, pro-corporate rulings.

Could a Common Cold Virus Be Helping to Make America Fat?

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

An intriguing theory about what may be driving an epidemic.

5 Startling Numbers Reveal the Militarization of U.S. Drug Policy

By Avinash Tharoor, AlterNet

The US spends $5 billion more annually on the drug war than on the war in Afghanistan.

10 Blistering Highlights from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Hobby Lobby Dissent

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"The court, I fear, has ventured into a minefield."

My Soccer Racism Nightmare: How to Keep the Beauty in the 'Beautiful Sport'

By Chris Williams, Salon

We need to talk about the ugly side of this terrific sport that everyone's watching.

How Did the Clintons Become So Rich?

By Zaid Jilani, Al Jazeera

The real scandal is not that the former president and first lady are so wealthy, but how they got that wealthy.

How Did the FBI Miss Over 1 Million Rapes?

By Soraya Chemaly, The Nation

According to a study, police departments throughout the U.S. systematically undercounted and underreported sexual assaults during a nearly 20-year period.

Everything You Need to Know About 10 Common, Scary Sounding Food Additives

By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet

Not all chemical-sounding ingredients are bad—but some are.

Hartmann: The Radical Right Wing Supreme Court Is Acting Like It's a Monarchy

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

Nowhere in the Constitution is the Supreme Court given the power to strike down laws or to create law -- but that's what they're doing.

Doing the Radical Right's Dirty Work: Supreme Court’s Latest Blows Against Women and Unions

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The Court’s right-wingers undermine reproductive rights and union organizing.

A New Kind of Violent Extremist Hell Is Being Created in the Middle of Iraq

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

With all the unrest in Iraq between different ethnic groups, it's looking more like the country is transforming itself into Jihad Central.

Conspiracy of the Plutocrats: Secrets of the Wealth-Inequality Explosion Revealed

By Sean McElwee, Salon

Piketty protégé Gabriel Zucman explains how the world's wealthiest are scamming governments for trillions.

Israeli Jets Pound Gaza After Teenagers' Deaths

By Peter Beaumont, The Guardian

Bodies of three students found in shallow grave near Hebron, but Hamas denies involvement.

12 Things You Can Do to Stay Calm and Peaceful

By Dawn Gluskin, The Huffington Post

Discover the habits of people who are able to hold it altogether and allow the light to shine in.

The Eating Disorder You've Never Heard Of

By Karen Lindell, The Fix

Tempted by potential weight loss, diabetic adolescent girls are tampering with their insulin doses.

Obama and the SEC Could Make Large Political Contributions Public: Why Don't They?

By Alexis Goldstein, The Guardian

The SEC could mandate the disclosures of corporate political donations, but the agency seems unable to act.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Doing the Radical Right's Dirty Work: Supreme Court’s Latest Blows Against Women and Unions

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

The Court’s right-wingers undermine reproductive rights and union organizing.

Robert Reich: Why Hillary Clinton's 'We Were Dead Broke' Gaffe Missed the Mark

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

Clinton and the Democrats need to confront inequality head on.

11 Shocking Facts About America's Militarized Police Forces

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

The militarization of police is harming civil liberties, impacting children, and transforming neighborhoods into war zones.

The Hegemony of Christianity in America Is in Long-Term Deep Trouble

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

This map of religious traditions across the United States will surprise you.

5 Facts to Set the Dangerously Deluded Education Reformers Straight

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

#1: Privatized education steals from the poor and gives to the rich.

Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Debacle

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Christian businesses don't have to provide contraception under Obamacare.

How One GOP-Controlled Committee Is Waging a War on Science

By Brad Johnson, The American Independent Institute

The GOP’s relentless promotion of the fossil-fuel industry is undermining the nation's scientific credibility.

10 Big Fat Lies and the Liars Who Told Them

By ,

From Joseph McCarthy's red scare to Reagan's big scandal,these whoppers have affected millions.

Why the Facebook Experiment Toying With Your Emotions Is So Terrifying

By Robert Booth, The Guardian

Their experiment made users feel better or worse through 'emotional contagion.'

7 Tips for Having a Great One-Night-Stand

By Anna Pulley, AlterNet

For those who really desire it, casual sex comes (forgive the pun) with many benefits, like higher self-esteem and life satisfaction.

“Transformers”: Robot Warriors of the Tea Party Attack

By Andrew O'Hehir,

Once a defense of the war on terror, Michael Bay's robot franchise mirrors the GOP's decline into paranoid whining.

Utah Couple Awarded $300,000 After Online Retailer Trashed Their Credit For Years For A Negative Review

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

A catalog of predatory practices from geek gadget retailer

“We Can’t Do It on $10.10”—'New Rosies' Walk Off Their Jobs

By Kitty Lan, Campaign for America's Future

Low-wage women dressed as Rosie the Riveters call on Obama to allow collective bargaining for federal contract workers.

3 Ways Arab Millennials Are Transforming the Middle East

By Juan Cole, AlterNet

Don't believe the hype about the Arab Spring being over, no matter what the news from Iraq, Libya and Egypt.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

6 of the Biggest Media Lies and Distortions of the Week—Matt Lauer's Suck Up to Power Edition

By Nina Burleigh, AlterNet

It was a week filled with deception in the corporate media.

10 Big Fat Lies and the Liars Who Told Them

By ,

From Joseph McCarthy's red scare to Reagan's big scandal,these whoppers have affected millions.

The Real Reason Many Americans Seem So Stupid (But Aren't)

By Chris Mooney, Mother Jones

A provocative new study claims that conservative climate skeptics actually know plenty of science. But they're blinded by politics.

6 Totally Bonkers Right-Wing Utterances This Week—World Cup Evil Obama Plot

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

It's "a sign of the nation's moral decay."

The Weird, Fascinating History of America's Sex Ed Films

By Sarah Mirk, Bitch Magazine

The content, messages, and accuracy of sex-ed films have fluctuated with the moral and political forces of each era.

Detroit and Iraq: Both Devastated by the Same Thieves

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report

Iraq was invaded with soldiers, guns and bombs. Detroit was invaded by the corporate “suits” who made a fast buck for themselves.

19 Best Double-Entendre Songs That Are Really About Sex

By Noah Berlatsky,

From "It Ain't the Meat" to "Let Me Play with Your Poodle," the sneakiest sex songs in the history of music.

Will This Congress Be the One to Finally End Decades of Drug War Madness?

By Helen Redmond, AlterNet

They're talking a lot about pot these days.

Planned Parenthood Calls Out NBC for Censoring the Word "Abortion" Out of Film Ad

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

#StoptheStigma against "Obvious Child" — a much-needed film depicting a positive abortion experience.

NSA Collected Data on Millions of Americans Just to Investigate 248 People

By Spencer Ackerman, The Guardian

"These are critical numbers to review when talking about a program that sweeps in the records of hundreds of millions of Americans."

Why Are the Government and Big Pharma Ignoring the Heroin Addiction Vaccine?

By John Lavitt, The Fix

Is it because there's no profit in saving junkies?

Nearly 300,000 Veterans Have Lost Out on Jobless Compensation Because of the Disdainful House GOP

By Meteor Blades, Daily Kos

By the end of the year, some 5 million workers will have lost out on compensation — around half a million of them will be veterans.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Why Mosquitoes Bite Some People and Not Others -- And the Surprising, Natural Way to Avoid Bites

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

Who knew that a mix of plants including lemongrass, peppermint, and vanillin could work so well.

Yes, I'm Fat, But Spare Us the Cruelty This Summer

By Phoebe-Jane Boyd, The Guardian

Summer is open season on those of us who take up a bit more space in this world.

The Racism Behind Boehner's Threats to Sue Obama

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

This new attack by Boehner on Obama's legitimacy as president is nothing more than an extension of the earlier Republican Birther attack.

Right-Wing Christian Group Tried to Convert This City's Kids — But They're Fighting Back

By Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

Child Evangelism's efforts to convert kids is facing organized opposition.

5 Reasons the Rich Are Ruining the Economy by Hoarding Their Money

By David Atkins, AlterNet

Why supply-side economics just doesn't work.

“Snowpiercer” Is the Movie of the Year, At Least So Far

By Andrew O'Hehir, Salon

The 99 percent fight back aboard a train to nowhere, in a dazzling action flick that's also a political parable.

How I'm Having Best Sex of My Life at 60

By Walker Thornton, Kinkly

Put your sexual needs first, whatever your age.

Libertarians’ Sneaky New Crusade

By Andrew Leonard, Salon

Finding ways to exploit regulatory loopholes is another way to game public goods.

Collapse of America's Shopping Mall

By Seph Lawless, Artivist Publishing

Photographer Seph Lawless' book 'Black Friday' chronicles the abandoned malls that are rotting across America.

5 Hidden Sources of Sugar in 'Healthy' Foods

By David Zinczenko, The Huffington Post

And you thought such foods as salad dressing and dried fruit were nothing like soda and candy bars.

Despite Science, New Medical Cannabis Laws Prohibit Smoked Cannabis

By Angela Bacca, AlterNet

Smoking bans are not backed by scientific research and they serve to proliferate a black market.