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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Republicans' Insane Political Strategy: Ruining Our Country Hurts the Democratic Party

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

The GOP knows that if it can damage the economy, the average voter might blame it on the president

Fox News Wing-Nuts Go Mad, Mainstream Media Follows Them off the Cliff — Again

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

And the right-wing loons are back to talking about impeachment.

15 Most Horrifying Deep-Fried Foods in America

By C.A. Pinkham, Jezebel

America's gastronomic Houses of Horror.
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GOP Divorced from Reality on Obamacare

By Leo Gerard, AlterNet

'You Need to Die': Cliven Bundy and Violent Militias Still Terrorizing Utah, Nevada

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

Donald Sterling stole the spotlight, but the menace from Bundy's supporters continues—and might be getting worse.

Gray Wolf Returns to Iowa After 89 Years...and Is Shot Dead

By Jeremy Hance,

Hunter escapes being cited despite wolves being a protected species in the state.

Woman Who Filmed Her Own Abortion: 'We Need to Talk, Not Apologize'

By Jaclyn Munson, AlterNet

Emily Letts discusses her abortion experience and why empathy is the key to the future of reproductive rights.

Guess Who Profits When You Can Throw Pregnant Women in Jail for Using Drugs?

By Deborah Small, AlterNet

A new law allows a pregnant woman to be charged with assault for harm to her fetus.

There is Something Seriously Wrong with Sex in America

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

But, Paris, at least we'll always have masturbation.

In Defense of Single Moms

By Fiona Tinwei Lam, The Tyee

My family is rooted outside the nuclear archetype. Bring on the assumptions.

Confessions of an Unexceptional Brit Trying to Make It in Exceptional America

By Lucy Westcott, The Guardian

The US work visa process is a window into an immigration crisis – and self-effacing British anxiety.

Beaten and Held in Solitary Confinement for 5 Months For a Traffic Ticket

By Chris Randolph, Courthouse News

Mexican citizen alleges he was held in ICE Jail and denied an attorney and medical treatment.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

How Parasite Corporations Like Pfizer are Chucking U.S. Citizenship to Escape from Taxes

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Relocating to a country with a lower tax rate is one giant middle finger to your fellow Americans.

Koch Brothers Learn How to Fake Concern for the Poor, an Expensive Lesson

By Simon Maloy, Salon

Having figured out voters are compassionate, the right makes odd plan to act on it.

'I Have Been to the Darkest Corners of Government, and What They Fear is Light'

By Glenn Greenwald, TomDispatch

Glenn Greenwald on how the Snowden saga began.

Vermont Becomes Latest State to Hike Minimum Wage

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

The $10.50 per hour floor by 2018 is highest in the country . . . so far.

AlterNet Comics: Matt Bors on #BringBackOurGirls

By Matt Bors, AlterNet

That whole hashtag thing can run amok.

4-Way Tie for Most Atrocious Right-Winger of the Moment

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Limbaugh, Rove, Sterling, Coulter . . . who's the most horrible?

Why Do the French Have Better Sex?

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

Hint: Slut-shaming plus male-centric ideals equals less fun in bed.

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Donald Sterling's Ridiculous and Pathetic Anderson Cooper Interview

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

'Just turn on the cameras and let the crazy fly.'

Robert Reich: How the Right is Literally Killing Women

By Robert Reich,

The maternal death rate is growing. That is just wrong

The Soaring Price of Limes Means Trouble: Are Asian Bugs and Climate Change the Culprits?

By Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee

The average price of limes has shot up from 23 cents to over a dollar -- here's why.

How Washington Hawks Are Cynically Using Kidnapped Girls to Justify U.S. Military Intervention In Nigeria

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

The deployment of Western military advisers to help battle Boko Haram will only bolster a failed strategy.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Praises Scientist Who Knew to Check His Religion at the Door; Creationists Go Apoplectic

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

It's hard to please the dogmatic creationists, who fundamentally hate science.

What I Learned From Being Called 'Fat' on TV

By Jessica Brune, Huffington Post

It's time to redefine what the face of sexy looks like.

Rand Paul’s Incoherent Foreign Policy Mess

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

His worldview can't sell in a GOP primary and he knows it -- so here's the hacky sweet spot he's going for instead.

Why Teaching Children to Be Tolerant About Diversity Just Won't Cut It

By Laurie Levy, AlterNet

We need to encourage young children to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Why Marijuana Works Better Than Opiates to Control Pain

By Kylie “Tee” Toponce, Cannabis Now

It’s all in the way human brains are hardwired.

Obama Is Negotiating the Biggest Trade Deal in Human History - It Would Gouge the American Economy

By Thom Hartmann, AlterNet

We're about to enter an economy-changing free trade deal, and the corporate media is silent.

Glenn Greenwald: The Explosive Day We Revealed Edward Snowden's Identity to the World

By Glenn Greenwald, The Guardian

Pulitzer-prize winning journalist tells the story of those fateful days in Hong Kong

Monday, May 12, 2014

5 'Green' Products That Aren't As Environmentally Friendly As You Thought

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Just because a product is marketed as being ecologically sound doesn't make it so.

VIDEO: Michael Sam's Big Gay Kiss Was Unforgettable! That's the Point

By Cyd Zeigler, The Guardian

NFL's first openly gay player signals that things have changed, homophobes.

Pilots Come Clean: Drone Warfare Is Riddled with Tragic, Bloody Errors

By Pratap Chatterjee, Tom Dispatch

Imagine if the drone wars going on in Pakistan and Yemen had a human face all the time.

Bush Revisionism Is Back: Why You Should Not Fall for this Lame and Dangerous Ploy

By Elias Isquith,

Don't let the pundits fool you. "W" was just as bad as his rep.

Sorry, bell hooks — Scantily Clad Beyoncé Is No Mere Tool of the Patriarchy

By Roxane Gay, The Guardian

Women intellectuals have to get used to the fact that there are all kinds of feminists.

Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras Take on America’s Runaway Surveillance State

By Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras, The Nation

"The first principle of any American intelligence official is not an oath to secrecy but a duty to the public."

Is Baby Powder Carcinogenic?

By Joe Harris, Courthouse News

Class action suit claims it is, citing 33% higher ovarian cancer rates.

Seeing America's Longest War Through Afghan Eyes

By Anand Gopal, Metropolitan Books

An excerpt from Anand Gopal's new book, 'No Good Men Among the Living.'

How Walmart's New Mass-Produced Organics Line Could Threaten Organic Farming

By April M. Short, AlterNet

There's a right way and a wrong way to grow organic foods.

From Duck Vaginas to Bumblebee Sex: The Amazingly Overlooked Science of Genitals

By Lindsay Abrams,

An evolutionary biologist explores the science of sexual organs.

6 Ways To Deal When You're Running On Empty After Divorce

By Cathy Meyer,

A few suggestions to avoid major burn out.

Putin Displays Ukraine Chess Mastery

By Pepe Escobar, Asia Times

Washington finally found its new bogeyman: Osama Bin Putin.

Pot Economics: What's the Future of the American Marijuana Market?

By Dan Schneider, Dollars and Sense

With widespread legalization more than just a pipe dream, the U.S. now grapples with an influx of a new form of 'over the table' income.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

8 of the Worst Right-Wing Wackos This Week: War on Science Edition

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

"Actions to curb human-influenced climate change are part of a socialist agenda," and more.

Top 10 Reasons the GOP's Benghazi Witch Hunt Is Just a Fundraising Ploy

By Juan Cole,

The GOP is flailing around looking for an issue — any issue to help fundraising for the fall congressional campaigns.

Why Fracking Is the Cause of a Growing Number of Road Fatalities

By Tara Lohan, AlterNet

Increased traffic from industrial vehicles has had a deadly impact on auto safety in areas near drilling sites.

5 Myths About Gluten That Keep Circulating

By , The Huffington Post

There's a lot of misinformation out there about gluten.

Ukraine’s Protesters Are Getting Burned Alive in Brazen Arson Attacks

By Robert Parry, Consortium News

Newly formed neo-Nazi security forces are linked to fires that killed protesters who are against the current regime.

Science Explains Why Romance Is All About Sex

By Sarah Gray,

At the end of the day it is all about reproducing.

The Mainstream Media's Top 3 Biggest Blunders This Week

By Janine Jackson, FAIR

Corporate media is in a sorry state.

How Monica Lewinsky Deserves to Be Remembered

By Joe Conason, AlterNet

At the moment of crisis, Lewinsky behaved more courageously than anyone could reasonably have expected.

The Battle to Retake Our Privacy Can Be Won — Really!

By Trevor Timm, The Guardian

A close look at the new NSA reform bill reveals that, one year after Snowden's breakthrough, we're finally getting somewhere.

The FCC Has Been Surrounded by Corporate Lobbyists for Too Long, Now It’s Our Turn

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance

We're camping out day and night on the FCC's doorstep to defend net neutrality and keep the Internet free from discrimination and "slow lanes."

Your Government Owes You a Job

By Raúl Carrillo, The Nation

The stunning barbarism of involuntary unemployment in the U.S.

Marijuana Refugees: Virginia Family Moves to Colorado to Treat Epileptic Child with Cannabis Oil

By Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!

At least 115 "marijuana refugee families" have left jobs, homes and family to get cannabis oil in Colorado.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

12 of the Biggest Myths About Marijuana Debunked

By Owen Poindexter, AlterNet

The arguments against legalization simply don’t hold up.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Sends Right-Wing Flagship Newspaper Into Tizzy Over Evolution and Climate Change

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

Washington Times contributor finds it frustrating that scientists don't default to God.

Why a Book on Growing Inequality Is Taking America by Storm

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

The translator of Piketty's 'Capital In the 21st Century' discusses inequality and the book's huge success.

Ukraine Referendum Goes Ahead on Brink of Civil War

By Shaun Walker, The Guardian

Fear hangs over Donetsk after clashes with pro-Russia forces leave seven dead.

White Privilege 101: Here’s the Basic Lesson Paul Ryan, Tal Fortgang and Donald Sterling Need

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

A refresher on how privilege works, and why race and gender matter.

Why It's OK To Be an Imperfect Feminist

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

Author Roxane Gay on how it's hard to achieve political purity in your personal life.

Bizarre — Why Is Michigan Govt. Trying to Derail Detroit-Area's Urban Farming Movement?

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

New rules imposed on residential farms threaten the state's agricultural renaissance.

The Most Popular Tax in History Is Getting Real Momentum Here in the U.S.

By Katrina vanden Heuvel, The Nation

The U.S. would do well to emulate its European neighbors' Robin Hood Tax.

Scientist Tells Bill Moyers That Letting Climate Change Happen Is an 'Intergenerational Crime'

By Bill Moyers, Moyers and Company

Leading scientist David Suzuki sounds the alarm on the climate crisis.

10 Things Not to Say to Someone With Cancer (and What to Say Instead)

By Dr. Nikhil Joshi , Huffington Post

You may be well meaning, but you should consider their feelings as you speak.

Forbes Journalist Fired After Reporting the Truth About Cliven Bundy

By Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet

Vickery Eckhoff wrote on her blog that writing the Bundy exposé and her later unceremonious sacking were no coincidence.

6 Diseases That May Come Back to Haunt Us As Antibiotics Lose Their Power

By Mike Turner, The Guardian

Still think of TB, typhoid and gonorrhea as infections from the past? A terrifying report will make you think again.

Friday, May 9, 2014

How Hypocrisy Is Simply Not a Factor in the Right-Wing Mind

By CJ Werleman, AlterNet

The collective thinking of today’s conservatives accounts for little more than magic wand waving.

How Corporate Forces are Trying to Destroy Groups that Fight for the Rights of Low Wage Workers

By Lee Fang, Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute

Look who the folks who took down ACORN are targeting now.

Missouri May Be Next State to Ban Tesla Motors

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Legislators in the Show Me State are trying to sneak through legislation banning the electric car company from selling directly to consumers.

How Fox News Dresses Up Extreme Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories as News

By Eric Boehlert, Media Matters

As Benghazi Fever grips the overly-eager GOP, an all-scandal wedge strategy is revealed with stark Clinton-era similarities.

Diane Ravitch Backs Louis C.K., Blasts Newsweek Piece: 'Your Belief...Has No Research to Support It.'

By Diane Ravitch,

A poorly argued article repeats Common Core myths, but Ravitch sets the record straight.

My Personal Walmart Nightmare: You Won’t Believe What Life Is Like Working There

By Pam Ramos,

The president's visiting my store Friday. He won't see how I sleep on my son's floor and eat potato chips for lunch.

Mark Fiore Animation: When It Comes to the Death Penalty, America Is #1 for Creative Execution Techniques

By Mark Fiore, AlterNet

Thanks to Oklahoma's governor rushing an execution, more people now know that "lethal injection" is not as neat and civilized as it might sound.

U.S. Bolsters Regimes in Uganda and Nigeria That Persecute Gays and Abuse Human Rights

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

The Obama administration's outraged rhetoric over anti-gay legislation masks U.S. military support in those nations.

Climate Deniers: Our House Is On Fire, but Their Heads Remain in the Sand

By Zoë Carpenter, The Nation

Even with rising deaths, drought, heat waves and repeated refrains from climatologists, the GOP refuses to uncover its ears.

Take a Hike! No, Really

By Jill Richardson, OtherWords

Nature is the best drug out there.

New Doc Explores the Inside Story of NY Times Most Famous Plagiarizer and Liar, Jayson Blair

By Thomas Delapa, AlterNet

A look at the plagiarizing journalist who smeared the New York Times and made up an Iraq War soldier's interview.

Inside the Nation's First Vegetarian Public School

By Annette Konoske-Graf, Aparna Alluri, School Stories

A high-performing elementary school is taking a revolutionary approach to how students eat.

How Andrew Cuomo Broke His Promise for a Transparent Government

By Justin Elliott, ProPublica

The staff of the New York Governor have adopted a similar stealth tactic used by Sarah Palin and the Chris Christie administration.

How Many More Fiery Rail Explosions Do We Need?

By Noah Greenwald, AlterNet

The U.S. need another way to meet growing energy needs, or more Lynchburg 'bomb train' disasters will worsen.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Around the World, Social Unrest Starts with Soaring Food Prices

By Stefanie Krasnow, AlterNet

The climate change-fueled battles over food and resources have already begun.

Tal Fortgang, The 'I'll Never Apologize for My White Privilege' Guy, Is Basically Most of White America

By Katie McDonough, Salon

Jerky? Yes. But the Princeton freshman is no outlier.

Why Is Pope Francis Throwing Nuns Who Share His Beliefs Under the Bus?

By Sadhbh Walshe, The Guardian

Not a peep from the Pope as nuns are censured for not focusing on abortion and gay marriage.

Neil deGrasse Tyson 'Goes There' on Climate Change: Creationists and Right-Wingers Freak Out

By Dan Arel, AlterNet

Answers in Genesis refute science with the Bible and lose. Again.

Robert Reich: 6 Principles Populists on the Right and Left Both Agree On

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

The establishment should be very worried!

7 Things About the Inevitability of Hillary Clinton You Probably Haven't Thought About

By Guy Saperstein, AlterNet

As in 2007, war hawk Clinton is less of a shoo-in, but Warren shines.

New Tennessee Law Criminalizes Moms, Turns Doctors Into Informants

By Michele Goodwin, AlterNet

Use of drugs during pregnancy is now a crime and a threat to women's constitutional rights.

500k Kids Attend School Near Fields Sprayed With Highly Toxic Pesticides

By Charlotte Silver, AlterNet

Neurotoxins are leaching into California's Central Valley schools.

Latest Troubling Internet Trend: Selling Positive Pregnancy Tests

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

This sign of desperate times is just wrong.

Meet the Right-Wing Tycoon of Missouri, One of Conservatives' Biggest Money Men

By Bill Berkowitz, AlterNet

Rex Sinquefield's Show-Me Institute is one of the top conservative funders in the country.

Woman Films Her Own Abortion to Show Procedure Isn't Scary

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

This is what a surgical abortion looks like: safe and simple.

Who Takes Care of the Nanny's Kids?

By Alissa Quart, The Nation

When only U.S. wages can support families in the Global South, parents and children divide to survive.

Why is California's Jerry Brown Robbing Main Street to Prop Up Wall Street?

By Ellen Brown, Web of Debt blog

The plan to sequester funds urgently needed by Main Street to pay for Wall Street’s malfeasance is a bad one. Solution: a state-owned bank.

People Power and Democratic Banking? Look No Further Than Your Local Credit Union

By Laura Flanders, GRITtv

People's Federal Credit Union's Linda Levy describes what makes a credit union tick.