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Monday, September 1, 2014

Modern Pestilence: Leaf Blowers Generate Infuriating Noise, Toxic Gases and Hazardous Dust

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Blasting out air at hurricane-force speeds, leaf blowers disburse allergens, toxins, pollutants and pathogens into the air we breathe.​

The True Meaning of Labor Day

By Mary Kay Henry, AlterNet

For America’s workers, it’s a reminder of the struggles we have won—and those that lie ahead.

Why Acknowledging White Privilege Is Not Surrendering to “White Guilt”

By Andrew O'Hehir,

Recognizing the historic burden of whiteness is not self-abasement or lame apology.

Arundhati Roy: How Corporate Power Converted Wealth Into Philanthropy for Social Control

By Arundhati Roy, Haymarket Books

The new book, 'Capitalism: A Ghost Story,' explores the blurred connection between corporations and the foundations they endow.

You Don't Know What 'Libertarian' Means

By Thom Hartmann,

Libertarianism is not what most Americans think it is...

This Week in Sex

By Katie Halper, AlterNet

A "new" female erogenous zone...and more.

9 Facts About Abortion Rights a Federal Judge Is Forcing Texas Republicans To Heed

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

How anti-women are Texas Republicans? Very, a federal court concludes.

The Hipster Coffee Revolution Is Going to Save Your Morning—and the Planet

By Chérmelle Edwards, The Guardian

Are you ready to pay a little more to help?

Have Antidepressants Lived Up to Their Promise?

By John Preston, Psychotherapy Networker

SSRIs have shown a lot of efficacy not apparent in many of the studies that have been scrutinized and criticized.

Expert: U.S. Police Training in Use of Deadly Force Woefully Inadequate

By Paul Waldman, The American Prospect

90 percent of the police budget goes to salaries...and nothing is left for training, says Maria Haberfeld.

10 Things to Look For in Ken Burns' Much Anticipated New History of the Roosevelts

By Brigid O'Farrell, AlterNet

Will Eleanor Roosevelt's championing of the American worker feature strongly?

Sunday, August 31, 2014

6 Unhinged Right-Wing Moments This Week: Fox's Comical Beyoncé Freakout

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Where are her pants? How can she be a feminist without pants?

How Organizers in One City Are Trying to Stop Militarization From Slipping Into Their Community

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

Oakland activists are working to stop Urban Shield, a militarized weapons expo and training program, from coming to town.

My Family Has Been Racially Profiled Everywhere from Harvard to Our Own Home

By Madison Shockley, The Huffington Post

Racial profiling does long-term damage to the self-image, self-esteem and ego of the African American.

Michelle Rhee’s Real Legacy: Here’s What’s Most Shameful About Her Reign

By Matt Bruenig,

The "education reform" leader who just stepped down gets plenty of criticism. But here's what people overlook.

Attention Cat Lovers: Make Sure your Cat Doesn't Have HL

By Jill Richardson, AlterNet

Rapid weight loss is a sign of Hepatic Lipidosos—dangerous in cats—and it's deadly if it goes untreated.

Fascinating Journey: How a Former Texas Conservative Operative Left the Religious Right

By Sarah Posner, The American Prospect

Elaine White was once in the inner circle of political power. Then a crisis of faith changed all that.

The U.S. Government Can Brand You a Terrorist Based on a Facebook Post

By Arjun Sethi, The Guardian

Innocent people’s lives are being ruined. Why isn’t anyone watching the watchlist?

Looks Like The 'Burger King's' Subjects Are Royally Pissed Off

By Richard Eskow, Curbing Wall St. Project

Burger King intends to renounce its American status for tax purposes, and public opinion is not on its side.

Kindness, Not Punishment, Helps Drug Users Quit

By Tessie Castillo, AlterNet

We need to treat addiction like we treat other health problems precipitated by poor choices.

What It's Really Like to Teach Kindergarten

By Luke Dowling, Capital and Main

Aisha Blanchard-Young's passion for teaching helps sustain troubled students, but it barely pays her bills.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

5 Reasons Booze Is Deadlier than Heroin and Other Drugs That'll Land You in Jail

By April M. Short, AlterNet

No other drugs even come close.

Fox News is Tearing Us Apart: Race Baiting and Divisiveness Hits a Disgusting New Low

By Paul Rosenberg, Salon

Night after night, Fox News doubles down on hate. Whether George Zimmerman, Bundy or Ferguson, it just gets worse.

10 of the Most Evil Medical Experiments Conducted in History

By Larry Schwartz, AlterNet

The subjects are usually society's most vulnerable and the doctors rarely have to answer for their horrific crimes.

Watch The Mainstream Media's Top 3 Biggest Blunders This Week

By Peter Hart, FAIR

From spotty Ferguson reporting to Newsweek's Africa panic, corporate media really botched their news coverage.

12 Ecologically Sustainable Countries and Why They Should Be Admired

By Jodie Gummow, AlterNet

As Earth’s resources fall into ecological deficit, it’s time to inspect our global green policies.

Federal Court Strikes Down Two Major Provisions of Texas’ Sweeping Anti-Abortion Law

By Katie McDonough,

The combined provisions would have shuttered all but eight clinics in the state.

Porn Addiction in the Christian Community: Why Are Rates so High?

By Cameron Turner, The Fix

For the faithful, porn addiction is about how guilty they feel when they do it.

Why Don't The Feds Prosecute Police Brutality Cases?

By Terrell Jermaine Starr, AlterNet

Police officers get the benefit of the doubt, says the Supreme Court.

Police-Provoked Violence At Protests Is As Predictable As It Is Avoidable, New Research Finds

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

A study of 1000s of incidents during Occupy reveals how violence erupts.

Homelessness Persists—Can New Attention By Powerful People Make A Dent?

By Stephen Lurie, AlterNet

Getting politicians to address homelessness is hard, but new tactics appear to be making inroads.

Stephen Colbert Mocks GOP for Believing ISIS Can Be Defeated With the Power of Make-Believe

By Scott Kaufman, Raw Story

Colbert mocked conservatives for living in a world of imagination on the subject of the threat posed by ISIS.

Bob Herbert: Ferguson Just the Latest in Long Line Of Racist Fueled Tragedies

By Bob Herbert,

We are moving backwards because of the persistence of racism and a relaxation of the fight against it.

Israel's Controversial Palestinian Policy Polarizes American Jewish Community

By Sarah Posner, The American Prospect

Rising tensions between the supporters of Israel’s use of military force and the dissenters have split the community.

Friday, August 29, 2014

The Future of Abortion Is Here—No Clinic Needed

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

The Dutch organization Women on Web sends abortion pills to women in countries that restrict or ban the procedure.

What if Marriage Were Temporary?

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Nearly half of millennials support the idea of “beta” marriages.

The 7 Strangest Libertarian Ideas

By Richard Eskow, AlterNet

We must challenge libertarians on the extreme nature of their ideology.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! Here's Why Summer Sucks for Grownups

By Alex Leo, The Guardian

Summer fun is hard to come by when you spend your days in daylight-free cubicles.

Why the Grace Shown by James Foley's Parents Is Unfathomable to Me

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

No anger, resentment, nor calls for revenge. They're not even mad at him for going back to Syria.

Outrageous Video: Cops Tase and Arrest Man for Sitting and Not Stating His Name

By Arturo Garcia, Raw Story

The man, black of course, was just sitting and waiting to pick up his kids.

Al Sharpton Does Not Have My Ear: Why We Need New Black Leadership Now

By Brittney Cooper, Salon

Al Sharpton's recent remarks at Michael Brown's funeral revealed the limitations of his moral and political vision.

Is Religion Inherently Authoritarian?

By Adam Lee, AlterNet

Compared to secular reasoning, the religious establishment has been slow to act when it comes to moral progress.

10 Scientific Reasons To Add Cinnamon To Your Diet

By Jodie Gummow, AlterNet

The delectable spice has amazing healing propensities you may not be aware of.

Woman with 4 Jobs Dies While Napping in Car

By Alyssa Figueroa, AlterNet

‘This is someone who tried desperately to work and make ends meet.’

WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks 'Creepy' Inmate Rick Perry—'Orange is the New Blecch'

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

And why does the right-wing media think an indictment will help Perry's presidential aspirations?

The Companies Making a Profit by Abusing the Poor

By Thomas Edsall, The New York Times

We're increasingly shifting costs to those least able to afford to pay.

Kindness, Not Punishment, Helps Drug Users Quit

By Tessie Castillo, AlterNet

We need to treat addiction like we treat other health problems precipitated by poor choices.

Is Blackwater Finally Going to Be Held Accountable for Civilian Deaths?

By Dan Roberts, The Guardian

Controversial case is one of few in which US forces have been tried for civilian deaths in Iraq.

NY Times Vs. Cuomo: A Sign of Ethics on the Rise?

By Hannah Handler, Practical Progress

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's team was stunned not to get the 'paper of record's' endorsement.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fareed Zakaria Is Plagued by More Than Plagiarism—He Suffers from Neoliberal Know-It-All-Ism

By Jim Sleeper, AlterNet

Zakaria showed his true character in his outburst on 'Charlie Rose.'

4 Calamities Destroying America's Economy Being Ignored by Elites

By Frithjof Bergmann, AlterNet

Our leaders are blind to these drivers of economic decline.

Do Cops Just Tase People for Fun Now?

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

On the day Michael Brown was buried, two federal lawsuits were filed over police using tasers to attack civilians and torture prisoners.

Pink Floyd's Roger Waters: 'The Moral Perversity of the U.S. Position on Gaza Is Stunning'

By Roger Waters, Salon

I think it's safe to say that if U.S. neighborhoods were living under siege, folks like Rand Paul wouldn't take it.

One Christian Group's Never-Ending, Futile Quest to Save America's Children from Sex

By Amanda Marcotte, AlterNet

The Parents Television Council still claims they’re in it for the children.

New Poll: Americans Are More Cynical and Anxious About the Economy than Ever

By Jodie Gummow, AlterNet

A whopping 71 percent think the recession’s impact has permanently dragged down the economy.

5 Most Hawkish Positions Embraced by Hillary Clinton

By Alex Kane, AlterNet

Clinton’s ideas may be out of touch with the American people, but she wants to appeal to the Democratic establishment.

I Was Wrongly Arrested for Armed Bank Robbery Because I am a Tall, Black Man

By Charles Belk, xojane

I committed the crime of walking while tall and black.

The NRA Just Tweeted '7 Ways Children Can Have Fun at the Shooting Range'

By Janet Allon, AlterNet

Is one of them shooting your instructor with an Uzi?

Al Sharpton Does Not Have My Ear: Why We Need New Black Leadership Now

By Brittney Cooper, Salon

The Rev. displayed his limitations in the pulpit at Mike Brown's funeral.

Disturbing New Chemical Found in Fetuses

By Clarissa A. León, AlterNet

A common consumer chemical poses health risks for newborns.

Jon Stewart Eviscerates Fox Pundits in Searing Monologue on Ferguson

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

"Do you not understand that life in this country is inherently different for white people and black people?”

How Did All This Surplus Military Hardware End Up in Police Hands?

By Laura Flanders, GRITtv

And while we're at it, how about the residents in towns with all this firepower review the program?

Leading Researchers Who Oppose Legal Pot Are Paid by Painkiller Manufacturers

By Will Godfrey,

Now why would companies that make opioids want to line the pockets of marijuana prohibitionists?

5 Weirdest Places People Have Had Sex

By Tracy Clark-Flory, Salon

After a woman was arrested for filming a porn in a church, we take a look at infamous sites of X-rated shoots.

How the #FergusonSyllabus Can Help Teachers Talk About Race and Rights in School

By Liz Pleasant, YES! Magazine

Marcia Chatelain started the hashtag to encourage teacher-facilitated discussions on the events in Ferguson.

9-Year-Old Girl with Uzi Submachine Gun Accidentally Shoots Gun Instructor Dead

By Loulla-Mae Eleftheriou-Smith, The Independent

Authorities said the girl was taken to the gun range by her parents.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

California's 1-Percenters Are Flush With Water as Rest of the State Remains Parched

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Celebrities and moguls aren't doing without while the region suffers from a disastrous drought.

It’s Not Just the South and Fox News: Liberals Have a White Privilege Problem, Too

By Joseph Heathcott, Salon

For those of us born with white skin, white privilege is the air we breathe.

'Poor Doors' Are Only the Tip of the Affordable Housing Iceberg

By Allegra Kirkland, AlterNet

The controversial practice has everyone up in arms, but there are much more pressing housing policies that need to be changed.

10 Frightening Promises by GOP Senate Candidates Secretly Taped at Koch Brothers Summit

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Excerpts show what's at stake in November if GOP wins control of both chambers of Congress.

5 Reasons to Suspect Jesus Never Existed

By Valerie Tarico, AlterNet

A growing number of scholars are openly questioning or actively arguing against whether Jesus lived.

Tea Time Might Be Over, Once World Wakes Up to Amount of Pesticides Inside Each Cup

By Clarissa A. León, AlterNet

A new report released by Greenpeace reveals high toxin levels in tea from China and India.

Thousands of California FedEx Drivers Exploited By Corporate Execs, Court Rules

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

A Ninth Circuit panel says the drivers are employees, not contractors.

11 Signs You're With The Person You Should Marry

By Dr. Tina Tessino, Huffington Post

What makes for a great date may not be all you need for a great relationship.

Gaza Residents Share Allegations of Abuse, Claim Israeli Soldiers Used Them as Human Shields

By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

Almost every family in Gaza has been touched by the violence.

Illinois School Bans Discussions of Michael Brown's Death

By Paul L. Thomas, Ed.D., AlterNet

Prohibiting students from talking about events in Ferguson offers them exactly the opposite of what they need.

Climate Shocker: Warming Oceans Create Great Plumes of Methane Bubbles Near Atlantic Coast

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

The bubbles could add some 90 tons of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

8 Events That Have Turned This Summer into a Hellish Experience

By Marty Kaplan, AlterNet

Gaza, Ebola, and Ferguson -- there wasn't much to be optimistic about in these last few months.

The 10 Best (and Worst) Drug Scenes in Movie History

By Tony O'Neill,

These druggy depictions—rated for realism—will stay with you forever.

Gay Veteran Stricken With Cancer Pleads With Arizona Judge to Recognize His Marriage

By Jamie Ross, Courthouse News

Under state law, George Martinez won't be able to leave his spouse his military benefits when he dies.

Not Even Toxic Waste Stops Gentrification: 3 New York Superfund Sites in Developing Neighborhoods

By Jarrett Murphy, City Limits

Archive articles, federal documents, slideshows and more on the three big cleanups now underway in New York.

How Fox News Promoted One of the Most Bogus Ferguson Smears So Far

By John Avignone, Salon

How did Fox News run a totally bogus Ferguson story? Welcome to the truly slimy side of the right-wing hit machine

States That Have Medical Marijuana Have Lower Rates of Heroin and Painkiller Overdoses

By Paul Armentano, NORML

A major finding showing the social value of medical cannabis.

America Seems to Be Observing Ferguson from Parallel Universes

By Dani McClain, The Nation

Let’s hope for an investigation that surprises the skeptics.

Attorney: Video Shows Police Shot Ohio Man 'On Sight' as He Leaned on Toy Gun in Walmart

By Travis Gettys, Raw Story

John Crawford III was carrying an unpackaged BB/pellet rifle he picked up in the toy department before he was killed by police.

ISIS Raises the Stakes While the U.S. Pursues Bankrupt Syria Policy

By Patrick Cockburn, The Independent

Fighters are now driving deeper westwards into Syria.

Robert Reich: Inequality Is at the Heart of Who Gets a Good Education and Who Doesn't

By Robert Reich, Robert Reich's Blog

The nation’s increasing residential segregation by income is killing the promise of public education.

5 Tips to Avoid a Scuffle While Flying

By Rhik Samadder, The Guardian

Here's a guide to keep things under control when it comes to the armrest or the kid kicking behind your seat.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Shocking Picture of What Life Will Look Like When You Can't Afford to Retire

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Will you be ready for the life of a nomad, permanently in search of temporary work?

White Paranoia Over Ferguson Raises Big Bucks, with Some Help from Fox News

By Joan Walsh, Salon

White defenders of officer Darren Wilson are raising money by slandering Mike Brown.

Which States Are the Best and the Worst For Women to Live In?

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

Find out where your state stands on gender equality.

The Decline of Liberalism Threatens Secularism in America

By CJ Werleman, AlterNet

Statehouses are succumbing to the agenda of the Christian right.

Listen: Audio Recording Allegedly Captures Moment Michael Brown Was Shot

By Barbara Morrill, Daily Kos

A man who lives near the scene of the shooting says he inadvertently recorded the shots that killed Brown.

Is Comcast the Worst Company in America?

By Lynn Stuart Parramore, AlterNet

A firm so horrendous, the very mention of its name causes body tremors.

There Might Be a Scary Downside to Fabric Softener Sheets

By Cliff Weathers, AlterNet

Those wonderfully aromatic smells from your laundry may be a major source of home air pollution.

The Feds Are Incapable of Telling Truth About Pot

By Paul Armentano, AlterNet

The country’s marijuana policies continue to be divorced from science.

Ralph Nader: How Corporate Espionage on Nonprofit Watchdogs Goes Unpunished

By Ralph Nader, AlterNet

'Go for it' may well enter the minds of corporations who consider spying on nonprofits.

How Shadow Banking and Extreme Wealth Inequality Threaten Us

By David DeGraw,

The systematic exploitation of a majority of the population will continue without redress.

How Often Are Unarmed Black Men Shot Down By Police?

By Truth2Power, The Daily Kos

The truly frightening thing is that we apparently don't know.

4 of the Most Effective Herbs for Balancing Hormones

By Andreea Nica, AlterNet

How you can help relieve stress and alleviate hormonal symptoms.

It's Time to Restore the Dignity of the Formerly Incarcerated

By Dorsey Nunn, AlterNet

Anyone with a conviction history faces a constant barrier to being an involved, productive member of our society.

How Diet Soda Builds Desire and Decreases Satisfaction

By Ayala Laufer-Cahana, M.D. , The Huffington Post

Just looking at calorie counts might not be enough to lead to long-term weight control and health.

Beyoncé's 'Flawless' Feminist Act at the Video Music Awards Leads the Way for Other Women

By Jessica Valenti, The Guardian

Queen Bey doesn’t just tell interviewers about her feminism: she references it in her work and promotes it to her fans.