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America's White Male Problem

Our country is lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis and it isn't about politics; it's about pathology.

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These people are literally ill with fear. And their world is turning lopsided. There is a black man in the White House and he's winning, and worst of all he's self-evidently smarter than they are. He's not even angry!

It is time for the mainstream media to stop playing the Republican extremists' game. Let's talk about racism and white Southern males who can't get with the program. Let's talk about what's really going on with gun rights, which has nothing to do with hunting or home protection or even the Second Amendment, but has everything to do with the delusional paranoia of people who really believe the world is out to get them because it's changing.

Let's talk about the fact that there never was a fiscal cliff, just a dysfunctional Congress hijacked by the white males who turned the Tea Party into their cry of anguish.

The real problem we face is racism, bigotry and willful ignorance in the face of our changing demographics, spiritual beliefs and the challenge that postmodern thought poses to people stuck in Bronze Age thinking. These haters are a minority in the South, but they have  -- through gerrymandering -- given the whole South a black eye. The millions of tolerant Southern white men, women and all the rest of us wherever we're from need to rise up and condemn this charade.

The real problem we face is not economics or gun ownership or what happens to Planned Parenthood, but how we can reintegrate a few hurting marginalized white males in Congress and their most ardent delusional supporters into a better future while stopping them from using self-created political stalemate to burn down the house we all share.

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