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America's White Male Problem

Our country is lurching from manufactured crisis to crisis and it isn't about politics; it's about pathology.

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The mainstream media doesn't have the courage to say it, but the Second Amendment "defense" is nothing to do with today's loud defense of "gun rights." The truth of the matter is that there is a subculture of frightened white Republicans who see their own government as a threat. They've embraced ignorance and a fact-free life that denies evolution, gay-rights, the demographic changes in America, and above all, the fact that their fellow countrymen have rescinded our entire history of racist bigotry and voted for a black man for president. They just can't accept this.

Patterns of red/blue voting show up if you break up the state-by-state vote by sex or race:

(image source New York Times)

The common thread that runs through the Republicans' "issues" of the day has little to do with those issues per se. What it's really about is the fear of a future in which traditional white male power structures dissolve.

The true crux of the friction with the White House and the Democrats and indeed with most Americans -- including most women living in the South and many Southern men as well -- lies in the racial history of Reconstruction, Jim Crow and slavery.

The lies about our federal government -- that somehow they are in league with the United Nations, to the point where we can't even sign an international declaration on the rights of the handicapped! – have nothing to do with the stated objectives. This is like a family argument where an uncle shows up at the dinner table and argues with everyone not because he actually disagrees but because he's feeling alienated from the family.

Simple palpable hatred drives these people to willful ignorance. The white males insisting on carrying guns (in a country where violent crime is way down!) are scared, not of muggers, but of the fact that their imaginary reality is coming unstuck.

They're too smart to believe that Fox News spin on reality is reality. Most of these folks are too smart to believe in their evangelical theology either. I'll bet at heart many are atheists or at least doubters, well aware of the hypocrisies and inanities of evangelical Christianity. But they put on an act of upholding what they believe are the traditional standards we need to live by, which really boils down to little more than white resentment.

These Republicans are from safely gerrymandered districts so they have little to lose and something to gain by “holding the line” against public opinion and the president, even if it continually pushes the country to the brink.

The fact is that many flag-waving American Republican males these days are horribly unpatriotic. Not since the 1960s and the far-left of the Weather Underground have we seen people who hate America so deeply. Some of the Republican "patriots" hate this country so much they join secessionist movements and interpret their "right to bear arms" as a right to build personal arsenals against that day when the federal government comes to "take away our freedoms."

House Republicans like to say that Americans voted for a divided government. They say that “gridlock” is what becomes it. But that’s not true. The Democrats won 50.6% of the votes for president, to 47.8% for the Republicans; 53.6% of the votes for the Senate, to 42.9% for the Republicans.

A state of panic exists because Republican members of Congress demand a state of paralysis. They want to freeze the world as it is because the new world doesn't have room for white male bigots who base their lives on Bronze Age mythology and white, privileged, Jeffersonian-style institutional racism. Their real ideology has nothing to do with gun rights, fighting against abortion or reducing the size of the federal deficit, but has everything to do with their own personal psychological turmoil.

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