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Edward Snowden Had a Breaking Point, Where He Decided to Risk It All to Fix This Country -- What's Yours?

Change starts with action, and each of us has a way to contribute.

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Another result has been people joining protests around the world and asking what can I do for Turkey?  In the United States, people crowd sourced the funds for a full-page ad in the New York Times. Photo journalist Jenna Pope tells Acronym TV Turkey is part of a global revolution, “Everything is connected,” Pope says, “people all over the world are fighting against these governments who are only interested in making the very rich even richer.”

We are seeing the same type of solidarity with whistle blowers. Up to a thousand people are expected to protest in support of Snowden in Hong Kong this Saturday, showing that he may have been right in picking Hong Kong.  Protests in support of Snowden and against the NSA’s Internet spying and collection of phone records are also being held in the United States. Scores of civil liberties groups, Internet companies and others (including Popular Resistance) are demanding an end to NSA spying. Sign up at to get involved.

The ACLU has filed suit against the program. But we need to rely more on our own actions than the security-state friendly courts to stop this attack on democracy. And, Snowden also exposed, once again, how the New York Times and other corporate media report from the perspective of the security state.

Another high profile whistle blower, Bradley Manning, is also garnering support from many people.  His court martial, which Chris Hedges describes as a ‘judicial lynching,’ began with the perfect symbolism: supporters of Manning wearing a shirt that said “Truth” had to hide that dangerous word on the first day of his trial. They were ordered to turn their shirts inside out.

Though the corporate media continues its inadequate reporting, there is lots of citizen’s media writing about the case and you can keep up with details at  Many of Bradley’s supporters are veterans who explain their support for exposing the war crimes of US Empire.

Veterans are also among those leading the protests against the Guantanamo Bay prison camp.   Three veterans are on a solidarity hunger strike in support of Guantanamo prisoners being held in indefinite detention without trial.  We are impressed with many Americans who put their lives on the line to challenge militarism, especially nuclear weapons, and those are seeing through the sham of ‘humanitarian war’ in which military attacks kill innocent people and destroy countries.

This week, we continue to report on the escalation actions of front-line environmentalists who are challenging the extraction economy.  The clarity of thought of those on the front lines, compared to the big environmental groups, was evident recently in Illinois. While some applauded the regulation of hydro-fracking, others who are more clear in their thinking said, we need to ban hydro-fracking because it cannot be done safely.  

The solidarity of “ Fearless Summer” with its epic protests against radical energy extraction is taking shape and promises to help end the silence on dirty energy.  Activists continue to protest at Obama fundraisers. We’ve reported on actions in New York and San Francisco, and now in Los Angeles climate change protesters and immigrants who called for an end to deportation protested Obama.

The reaction of the extraction industry shows their fear of organized militant resistance. TransCanada, the corporation seeking to profit from the tar sands pipeline, is telling the police that protesters should be treated as terrorists.  They are calling Nebraska ranchers aggressive and abusive. And, protest also helps people take actions of conscience, a TransCanada whistle blower has come forward to report on the shoddy pipeline practices describing the company as “organized crime” that is “a “culture of noncompliance” and “coercion,” with “deeply entrenched business practices that ignored legally required regulations and codes” and carries “significant public safety risks.”

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