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The Revolution of the Mind is Underway

Revolutionary changes that once seemed impossible can suddenly become possible.

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Those that are not fooled are taking action to rebuild a movement for single payer.  People will quickly see through the ACA scam and a national movement could build quickly because every family is affected. Many Americans do not realize they have human rights. Healthcare could be the beginning of an awakening that will result in demands that our basic rights be realized. 

The Divine Right of Kings Is Gone, Corrupt Capitalism Next?

This article is based on just one week of actions in the national resistance movement.  On Popular Resistance we cover the movement every day and we could pick any week and point to an equal number of actions being taken by people who have woken up to reality and want to see transformative change. Indeed, our daily digest of news ( sign up here) will show you that there is a growing movement.

Hedges concludes his essay quoting the anarchist  Alexander Berkman who wrote in “The Idea Is the Thing:”

“… [M]any ideas, once held to be true, have come to be regarded as wrong and evil, thus the ideas of the divine right of kings, of slavery and serfdom. There was a time when the whole world believed those institutions to be right, just, and unchangeable.  In the measure that those superstitions and false beliefs were fought by advanced thinkers, they became discredited and lost their hold upon the people, and finally the institutions that incorporated those ideas were abolished . . . how did they ‘outlive’ their ‘usefulness’? To whom were they useful, and how did they ‘die’? We know already that they were useful only to the master class, and they were done away with by popular uprisings and revolutions.”

There is work to be done. We must build a mass movement. One essay we published this week by activist Matt Smucker focused on first building a core group of people who are aware and committed but to make sure this core is strategic in its actions, and realizes that the path to success requires a mass movement, not a fringe movement. We must put aside our ‘more radical than though’ egos and reach out, invite people in, applaud their positive actions whether large or small. Our core groups all over the country must be careful to not self-define ourselves as fringe, as small, but to see us as representing the interests of the vast majority and invite them in.  Let’s not repeat mistakes made in previous movements, like the extreme case of the Weather Underground who destroyed the peace movement with terrorism.

We’ll close with the comments of comedian and social commentator Russell Brand, who wrote “ We No Longer Have the Luxury Of Tradition” and created a lot of discussion when he appeared on BBC

Brand, like Hedges also sees the need for a revolution of the mind. He is disenchanted with electoral politics but excited by something not on the ballot, “total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system.” That revolution begins by recognizing: “Capitalism is not real; it is an idea. America is not real; it is an idea that someone had ages ago. Britain, Christianity, Islam, karate, Wednesdays are all just ideas…nice ideas…when they serve a purpose.” But, they are ideas that can change when they become obsolete or dysfunctional.  He concludes:

“The revolution of consciousness is a decision, decisions take a moment. In my mind the revolution has already begun.” 

His conclusion is consistent with our experience.  The revolution of the mind is underway. The impossible is becoming inevitable.

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