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Noam Chomsky: America Is a Terrified Country

Noam Chomsky discusses American terror abroad, dire income inequality at home, and what to do next.

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It’s like breaking up the harmony in your town when the union organizers come in; it’s kind of that imagery. And here, strikingly, we do have a Labor Day, but notice what day it is. It’s the day when you go back to work, not the day when you struggle for your rights. The success of indoctrination in the United States is really amazing.

*Charlie Savage, “ Drone Strikes Turn Allies Into Enemies, Yemeni Says,” New York Times, published April 23, 2013.


Catherine Komp is a staff writer for The NewStandard, a non-profit, anti-commercial news outlet. She works as an independent radio news producer and reporter in Richmond, Virginia and is the Media Section Editor for Clamor magazine.
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