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Nordstrom Prides Itself on Caring, But Not When It Comes to Making Profits from Occupation of Palestine

CodePink's Stolen Beauty campaign against Ahava sets its sights on Nordstrom deparment stores.

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In recent days the European Union has taken an even tougher stand on Israeli settlements, issuing a directive requiring Israeli companies wishing to ink deals with member states to sign a “settlement exclusion clause.” While this doesn’t for the moment encompass trade, it does mean, for example, that Ahava would be excluded from EU research programs, such as a recent nanotechnology project it participated in.

Thousands of people committed to human rights and international law, and to equality, dignity and justice for all in Israel and Palestine, have sent letters to Blake Nordstrom calling on him to remove Ahava products from Nordstrom’s shelves. Those interested in the issue can sign a Causes petition directed at Nordstrom, which will be hand-delivered to the company’s corporate headquarters. It is time to tell Ahava and Nordstrom that educated and concerned consumers have had enough of land and resource theft.

Nancy Kricorian is a novelist, essayist and activist based in New York City. Since 2009 she has been the campaign manager for CodePink's Stolen Beauty Ahava boycott.

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