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Americans Don't Want A War in Syria—And They're Working Hard to Prevent One

A few days ago it looked like the United States would be bombing Syria by now. The more pressure we can put on the Obama administration, the better.

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While there is a lot going on, this week our primary focus is on stopping the war with Syria. In the last paragraph we provide links to other active issues in the resistance movement – there is a lot going on.

A few days ago it looked like the United States would already be bombing Syria by now, but enough hurdles have been put in front of the Obama administration and the United Kingdom that the war has not yet started. People are organizing to stop the mad dash to another unnecessary war that will have unpredictable and dangerous repercussions. Here is a list of protests planned this weekend to stop the war.

US public opposes war despite media propaganda

The war is not popular with Americans.  In fact, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll found that only nine percent of Americans support a military attack on Syria. This makes a war on Syria even less popular than Congress. The poll was taken while reports of the chemical attack were in the news. There has been consistent propaganda for war on all the networks for months now, but the people are not buying it.

The corporate media is showing itself as a propaganda tool for the security state with its coverage of Syria. (Americans today are more aware of the long history of collusion between government and media.)  The media rarely asks obvious questions about why Assad would use chemical weapons while UN inspectors were in the country or what advantage the use of such chemical weapons would have?  On CNN’s new “Crossfire,” a program supposedly showing right and left political views, the two debaters both urged war with Syria.  Commentator Van Jones, supposedly from the left, was particularly bad urging people to support Obama’s plans to go to war and describing the 1953 coup of Mohammed Mossadegh as one that removed a dictator – when the CIA-led coup in fact ended Iran’s move toward secular democracy.

Protests against the war are already beginning in the US and around the world.  In London, where the Parliament was scheduled to vote on military action in Syria two days ago, the process has slowed and they will not debate the issue until after the UN acts. Hundreds hastily gathered to protest outside of the Prime Minister’s residence, and this Saturday the protests are expected to grow to thousands. The UK is seen as a critical partner for the Obama administration.

Popular Resistance called for people across the United States to self-organize protests.  Multiple peace groups called for protests as well.  We’ve seen reports of protests throughout the country and emergency protests against a military attack on Syria are planned for this Saturday. People are organizing on Facebook. Search for “No War With Syria [insert city]” or start your own page to get involved.  In addition, here is a list of growing numbers of protests. There is a lot of power in people organizing themselves throughout the country. We all need to be leaders to stop this war.

Lots of Gaps in US Intelligence on the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria

The media has been consistently reporting the views of Vice President Biden, Secretary of State Kerry, UN Ambassador Power and National Security Adviser Rice. All are urging an attack and serving as the choir singing that there is no doubt Assad used chemical weapons – when in fact there is plenty of doubt.

The media failed to report that in fact there are lots of gaps in U.S. intelligence including who ordered the use of chemical weapons and where those chemical weapons are now.  A strike to remove chemical weapons cannot succeed if the US does not know where they are and can present additional dangers if the US spreads lethal chemicals through bombing.

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