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Americans Don't Want A War in Syria—And They're Working Hard to Prevent One

A few days ago it looked like the United States would be bombing Syria by now. The more pressure we can put on the Obama administration, the better.

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-       Efforts to stop hydrofracking are continuing with nearly 1,000 protesters greeting Obama in NY, royalty in the UK is being exposed as fracking profiteers, the connection between fracking and earthquakes is resulting in litigation and a report on how fracking may already be in retreat.

-       Multiple critical reports on the 50 th anniversary of the March on Washington including from Yvette Carnell of Your Black World, Cornell West on Black Agenda Report TV, peace activist Joe Lombardo,   Food Not Bombs urging us to take direct action to realize The Dream and David Zirin describing how out of step the speakers were with the crowd who came to the march.

-       Labor actions including Occupy Labor Day, nationwide fast food strikes, learning from Jobs With Justice on how to reach out beyond unions, wage theft of legal and illegal immigrants, migrant farm workers battling for dignity, a victory against Peabody/Patriot Coal and progress for WalMart workers who keep fighting for their rights even after they are fired.

-       The incredible victories of anti-nuclear activists who this week closed Vermont Yankee, but the dangers that still lie ahead as facilities close and Fukushima continues to get more dangerous.

-       Challenges to oil and tar sands including polar bears redecorating a Shell refinery to stop arctic drilling, Greenpeace crashing Shell’s Formula One event, the dangers of tar sands sludge, solidarity with tar sands activists facing felonies in Michigan and how climate change is the cause of forest fires throughout the west.

-       Reports on efforts to restore the Fourth Amendment and the Snowden leaks including the NSA spying on the UN, Obama’s dishonesty, his rubber stamp “review” of NSA spying, and what is really needed as well as the attack on the media shown by the detention of David Miranda and a new law proposed by Sen. Feinstein that only protects corporate journalists.

-       The corrupt financial system and how we need public banks because our money is not safe in the Wall Street banks.

-       Continued battles against militarism including closing Guantanamo, stopping drones, stopping the Navy Base on Jeju Island, releasing an American held prisoner in Iraq and protesting the war machine this October 7 in New York.

-       How the wealthy get rich by ripping off their companies and the government and studies that show that plutocrats are self-centered narcissists.

-       How the Obama administration is terrorizing medial cannabis dispensaries and is not “yet” willing to change the medical marijuana laws but the Department of Justice will not challenge the legalization laws in Colorado and Washington.

-       We’re also not forgetting the prison hunger strikers against solitary confinement in California as well as an upcoming nationwide day of protest for Marissa Alexander sentenced 20 years for firing a warning shot against an abusive husband.

-       Admiring people who are trying to feed the hungry while being threatened with arrest as well as homeless activists fighting for a roof over their heads.

-       People are fighting for their schools.  We were inspired by this speech by a nine year old in Chicago and this action by people in Philadelphia, students organizing around the nation; and people seeing through Obama’s rhetoric and inadequate plans for colleges; and here’s one chart that shows misplaced US priorities.

-       And, ongoing coverage of the worldwide global summer of protests including the revolution in Egypt and how the people can end military rule  as well as other actions around the world like the indigenous in Honduras reclaiming their land and nationwide protests in Colombia against “free trade.”

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