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7 Things the Media Missed About the Chick-fil-A Saga

You might think you've heard everything there is to know about the Chick-fil-A controversy. You haven't.

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But the meme really took off when Glenn Beck, who has half a million Twitter followers, took notice and tweeted, “Viral Chick-fil-A picture claims Christians don’t feed the poor -- Oh really? We have proof to the contrary.” Beck  linkedtoan article about tens of thousands of Christians lining up for a day of service organized by right-winger David Barton, which of course proved nothing about the Christian Right’s focus on feeding the poor relative to its participation in “appreciation days” for chicken sandwich chains. Nevertheless, Beck let the “mainstream media” have it, asking, “Since when are liberals concerned about anyone lining up at food kitchens?”

Drury, meanwhile, tells AlterNet, “It has been my longtime goal to piss off Glenn Beck.”

Kristin Rawls is a freelance writer whose work has also appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, GOOD Magazine, Religion Dispatches, Killing the Buddha, Global Comment and elsewhere online.