Madness: 8-Year-Old Suspended For Using Finger as Fake Gun

The eight-year-old's mother is now threatening to take the school to court for its suspension of her son.

A man holds out his hand like a gun.
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An eight-year-old boy was suspended from a Florida school--for using his finger as a play gun. Now, the mother is speaking out, according to a report in Orlando’s WKMG.  

Jordan Bennett was suspended on Friday from Harmony Community School in Osceola County, Florida. He was playing cops and robbers with a friend. The friend was sent home because of the game.

“There was nothing in his hand.  He used his thumb and index finger,” Bennett’s mother, Bonnie, told WKMG. “It was a game.  He made no threatening advances or threats to harm anyone. No words were said.” She added that while some form of punishment may be acceptable, suspension is the wrong tack.

“A child that has no history of violence is now classified as a violent offender,” she said.

The school district is not backing down. They say that Jordan’s conduct violated the student code of conduct.

Bonnie Bennett says she will continue to fight for the suspension to be lifted. “I'm prepared to go to court if I have to because this is wrong. It's wrong for my son and any other child if they're faced with the same thing because of a game.”


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