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7 Nightmare Scenarios for Right-Wingers If Obama Wins a Second Term

A future that freaks out prominent conservatives, and the stuff of progressive dreams.

The Right’s propaganda machine has been on overdrive during the Republican National Convention trying desperately to repackage the Romney-Ryan team as "compassionate conservatives." But there is a curious counterpoint to the nonsense we’ve heard from the podium coming from another slice of the Right’s noise machine—an emphasis on how scary a second Obama term would be.

Some right-wing authors and filmmakers are making the argument that Obama would be a modern-day Moses, coming down from the mountain and commanding government to institute every imaginable liberal or progressive good idea—regardless of who controls Congress. Let’s forget for a few minutes how disappointed many liberals have been with Obama, and we sadly know better.

Instead, let’s indulge in their fantasy, as put forth in a new movie, 2016,  by Dinesh D’Souza and authors Aaron Klein (who doesn’t even live in the U.S.) and Brenda J. Elliott. Let’s hope they’re correct for just this once. Just for a moment, forget everything you know about Obama’s centrism and imagine that a second Obama term would deliver these simply terrible results.

1. Drastically Reduce U.S. Nuclear Weapons

According to D’Souza’s new film, 2016: Obama's America, Obama is planning to reduce the nuclear stockpile to a few hundred missiles. This is utter foolery, he posits, because Iran, China, Russia, Pakistan and North Korea are feverishly working to become new or even bigger military powers and they wouldn't feel threatened by us anymore. Worse, our nuclear weapons stockpile is aging and the president is not seeking to replace it, he says.

All this supposedly would leave America and its allies, meaning Israel, vulnerable to nuclear attack, we are told, and undermine the Cold War doctrine of mutually assured destruction. The president is working toward a “world without nuclear weapons.” (Too bad that’s actually not the case.)

2. Reorient the Military Toward Global Solutions

According to Klein and Elliott’s new book, the vastly downsized Pentagon would be ordered to help in international peacekeeping, fighting global poverty, combating global warming and remedying injustice. That’s all part of a strategy where the U.S. is not first among nations, but where economic, political and military power is shared—which is surely a reprehensible development (leading to, for example, operations such as the overthrow of Kadaffi in Libya). Never mind that Obama has been severely criticized by civil libertarians for his unilateral drone strikes, targeted assassinations and expansion of the Bush era war on terrorism. Another term, they say, will give peace a chance.

3. Move U.S. To Single-Payer Healthcare

Of course, if Obama is reelected then Obamacare will be impossible to reverse, we are told. But what’s even worse than what they call “government-controled healthcare” is that Obama will open up Medicare for anyone who wants to get coverage that way. And it’s not only Medicare, but other state-run healthcare too. Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program also will be made available—all without a private insurer standing between you and your doctors. All this would move us toward a single-payer system. The horrors!

4. Resurrect New Deal Programs That Actually Create Jobs

Apparently progressive calls for more federal economic stimulus spending will be answered after all. In Obama’s second term, not only will there be a 21st-century version of FDR’s Works Progress Administration, but, according to Klein and Elliott’s book, the Department of Labor would oversee this effort to potentially create millions of new jobs. They also believe that Obama would impose wage controls industry by industry, which would force employers to pay their employees more than they otherwise might.

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