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7 Nightmare Scenarios for Right-Wingers If Obama Wins a Second Term

A future that freaks out prominent conservatives, and the stuff of progressive dreams.

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5. Make It Easier To Join Unions

Now here is a truly dangerous idea—make it easier for people to join unions. Apparently some progressive think-tanks have suggested that tax breaks be given to businesses that don’t fight unionization. The Obama administration is not just on board with that, we’re told, but would bar some current forms of union busting.

And Obama's pro-labor policies would not stop there. We would see a higher minimum wage, and all employers would be required to pay a living wage, which might be higher still. Worse yet, employers might be forced to grant longer paid family leaves for the absolutely flimsy excuse of caring for newborns, a sick family member or even themselves! It’s just a small step away from tyranny.

6. Grant Immigration Amnesty

The right also believes that Obama will use his executive authority in a second term to decree that all illegal immigrants become documented and be granted legal presence rights. Never mind that the executive has no such power. In addition to doing this, Obama would order federal agencies to stop policing America’s borders, stop deportations that split up families and open up public healthcare and schools to formerly undocumented immigrants. All of this would soon be followed by granting formerly undocumented individuals voting rights—to ensure a permanent Democratic majority.

7. Break the Fossil Fuel Addiction

Only a president like Obama cares that the planet’s climate is changing when there’s still big money to be made in gas and oil, we’re told. Obama will use federal funds to help businesses develop alternatives to fossil fuels, including getting the Treasury Department to lend money for this purpose. Similarly, a second term would see the administration seeking to improve the nation’s clean water supply, and energy and telecommunications infrastructure. For conservatives, this is the stuff of nightmares.

We are told that Obama is a master in circumventing Congress to get whatever he wants, purely by executive orders. America would never be the same nation that it now is, these flag-waving Republicans declare. Imagine that! Fewer nukes, a smaller military, different international posture, single-payer healthcare, community-creating federal jobs, new workplace and employee rights, humane immigration policies, and a new energy and infrastructure strategy to foster local self-reliance. If only this wasn’t a dream!

Steven Rosenfeld covers national political issues for AlterNet, including America's retirement crisis, democracy and voting rights, and campaigns and elections. He is the author of "Count My Vote: A Citizen's Guide to Voting" (AlterNet Books, 2008).

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