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5 Ways Right-Wing Media Make Their Fans Fear Science

A new study shows five ways conservative media decrease trust in scientists, leading their audience to doubt climate change.

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To explain why scientists would do such a thing, some in the conservative media  speculated that climate scientists were deceitfully  manipulating their research in order to obtain funding, "turn[ing] global warming hysteria into a multi-billion dollar industry." Rush Limbaugh, for instance, swiftly  waved off the consensus of scientists by saying "a majority of people have been paid to say that man is causing the climate to warm up," adding "they only get the money if they come up with the right result." Hannity had a similar theory:

Right. Because scientists make a living by performing research, "the temperature record of the earth is  clearly rigged" to keep up the "multi-billion dollar industry" of testing tree rings and sampling ice cores.

5. Characterize Climate Science As Simply A "Religion"

Climate science has been described by conservative media as a " religion," an " indoctrination" into socialism, and a " cult." Limbaugh has claimed that "belief in man-made global warming is a lot like  believing in Santa Claus." Al Gore was compared more than once to fringe preacher Harold Camping, for supporting the acclaimed IPCC reports showing the threat of global climate change -- or, in conservative jargon, the " Climate Bible."

By framing climate change science as an orthodoxy, contrarians implicitly characterize themselves as what the study  called "brave dissidents against an oppressive set of beliefs."

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