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40 Right-Wing Attacks and Conspiracy Theories Flung at Michelle Obama

Why does the right-wing hate machine despise Michelle Obama?

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Fox News Twisted Michelle Obama's Comments To Claim She Said Voting For Republicans Would Cause People To "Die From Cancer." Fox News distorted comments by Michelle Obama at a campaign event in order to claim that she was "insinuating" that "if you elect Mitt Romney, women will die from cancer." But Obama simply pointed out that Romney's plan to repeal health care reform would increase the number of people without access to health insurance. [ Media Matters8/16/12]

Fox's Dobbs: Michelle Obama Is "High Maintenance" From A "Taxpayer Perspective" Because Of Her Vacations. On his Fox Business show, Lou Dobbs said that "when the first lady is living high and taking sixteen -- sixteen! -- vacations, and that's in a period of approximately three and a half years, well, things start to add up. She gets to be, if you'll forgive the expression, from a taxpayer perspective -- certainly, I'm sure, not from her husband's perspective -- high maintenance." [Fox Business,  Lou Dobbs Tonight8/9/12, via  Media Matters]

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