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40 Right-Wing Attacks and Conspiracy Theories Flung at Michelle Obama

Why does the right-wing hate machine despise Michelle Obama?

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Right-Wing Media Used Jodi Kantor Book To Launch Racially Charged Attacks On Michelle Obama. Following the release of  The Obamas by New York Times correspondent Jodi Kantor, the right-wing media used a passage from the book to suggest that Michelle Obama has a problem with "white Irish Catholics" wielding power. In fact, the line that was distorted by the right-wing media was not a quote by Obama, but a description by Kantor, and the full context of the quote makes it clear that Obama was referring to entrenched power and political dynasties, not any particular ethnic group. [ Media Matters1/10/12]

Right-Wing Media Launched Other Random Attacks On First Lady

Fox Nation Suggested Michelle Obama Stocked Socialism Books In White House Library. Fox Nation and other conservative blogs falsely accused Michelle Obama of "stock[ing] the White House Library with books on socialism." The books in question have been in the White House library since 1963. [ Media Matters,2/18/10]

Limbaugh Falsely Claimed Taxpayers Funded 60 Luxury Hotel Rooms For Michelle Obama's Vacation.Rush Limbaugh falsely asserted that Michelle Obama took "40 of her best friends and leas[ed] 60 rooms in a 5 star hotel -- paid by you." In fact, the White House has said the Obamas are paying for personal expenses on the trip, including their lodging. [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Rush Limbaugh Show8/6/11, via  Media Matters]

Beck Lied About First Lady's Staff Size To Say She "Is Really Marie Antoinette." On his radio show, Glenn Beck attacked Michelle Obama for allegedly lavish spending on staffers and parties, saying, "The first lady's office needs 43 people? For what? These people are out of control. It is really Marie Antoinette." checked Beck's claim and found that, in fact, "Michelle Obama has a staff of 25, not 43. ... The size of Michelle Obama's staff is similar to that of her immediate predecessors." PolitiFact gave Beck its "Pants on Fire" rating. [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Glenn Beck Program2/25/11, via  Media Matters]

Limbaugh Attacked Michelle Obama For Going To Target. When a picture surfaced of Michelle Obama shopping at a Target discount store, Rush Limbaugh said, "It has gotten so bad, they had to send Moochelle out there in a Lady Gaga-type getup. She went shopping at Target." [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Rush Limbaugh Show, 9/30/11, via  Media Matters]

Malkin: Obama Went To Target To "Counter The Negative Diva Buzz ." In a blog post, Michelle Malkin attacked Michelle Obama for shopping at Target, writing that Obama was "about as 'incognito' as Lady Gaga's outfit at her younger sister's graduation." Malkin went on to call the first lady "the glamour queen" and further stated that Obama's Target visit was "[t]o counter the negative diva buzz" and that it "[l]ooks like she left the bling at home." [,  9/29/11, via  Media Matters]

Right-Wing Blogs Attacked Michelle Obama Over Appearance On Nickelodeon's  iCarly. During a guest appearance by Michelle Obama on the Nickelodeon show iCarlyone of the characters on the show referred to the first lady as "your excellency." Another character corrected the first, saying, "You don't call her 'your excellency,' " to which Obama responded, "No, no. I kind of like it." The Weasel Zippers blog responded to the scripted line by writing: "Queen Michelle On  iCarley Confirms What We've All Suspected: 'I Kind Of Like Being Called Your Excellency'..." [Weasel Zippers,  1/3/12]

Right-Wing Blogs Attacked Michelle Obama For Leading Olympic Delegation. Right-wing bloggers attacked Michelle Obama following an announcement that the first lady would be leading the American delegation during the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games, despite the fact that both Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton previously led Olympic delegations. As the AP pointed out, it has "become somewhat of a tradition for first ladies to lead the U.S. delegation." [ Media Matters6/22/12; AP,  3/13/12]

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