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40 Right-Wing Attacks and Conspiracy Theories Flung at Michelle Obama

Why does the right-wing hate machine despise Michelle Obama?

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LIMBAUGH: Now I'm like you, I'm thinking that Michelle Obama needs a little dictionary lesson. Let's not forget this is the woman who is not proud of her country unless she's getting what she wants from it. She said during the campaign the first time she had been proud of her country was when Obama was nominated or done something. So she sacrificed herself to get in a big, luxurious jet, a Boeing 757, to fly to Copenhagen where she is pampered and treated like she were a goddess. Yes, this is a sacrifice. [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Rush Limbaugh Show10/1/09]

Beck & Crew Joked About Michelle Obama Not Loving Her Country. On the July 13, 2010, edition of Glenn Beck's radio show, he and his cast spent more than four minutes sarcastically commenting about how much Michelle Obama doesn't love her country. As proof of this, they cited her observation that "stubborn inequality" still exists in the United States and her promotion of healthy eating. [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Glenn Beck Program7/13/10]

Right-Wing Media Attacked Michelle Obama's Efforts To Fight Childhood Obesity

Beck Claimed Michelle Obama's "Let's Move Campaign" Could Lead To Imprisonment For Serving Fries. Following the launch of Mrs. Obama's "Let's Move Campaign" to fight childhood obesity, Glenn Beck said:

BECK: So then what? Well, you're going to have to tax, you're going to have to make it more and more difficult, but when those options don't work, how do you get people to stop eating french fries? Because french fries still beat carrots. What's left? Well now you have to start thinking about punishments. Maybe a fine, maybe even jail! But it always starts with a nudge. [Fox News,  Glenn Beck9/14/10]

Limbaugh Was Not "Surprised" That Michelle Obama Encouraged People To "Get On That Teat."Disparaging Michelle Obama's promotion of breastfeeding, Limbaugh said that he wasn't surprised to see the first lady "encouraging people to get on that teat." [Premiere Radio Networks,  The Rush Limbaugh Show,9/21/10]

Fox's Ingraham Directed GOP To Oppose Michelle Obama's Efforts To Fight Childhood Obesity. During a December 14, 2010, appearance on Fox's morning show, right-wing radio talk show host and Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham urged Republicans to "be more vociferously opposed" to Michelle Obama's ideas, now that she is "clearly in the policy arena" by opposing childhood obesity. [Fox News,  Fox & Friends,12/14/10]

Fox's Tucker Carlson Equated Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" Campaign To Her Raising Your Kids For You "At Gunpoint." During a debate on the February 15, 2011, edition of Fox's  Hannity, Fox contributor Tucker Carlson slammed the First Lady for her "let's move" campaign, asking, "Why would you want to raise your own kids when Michelle Obama will do it for you ... at gunpoint?" [Fox News,  Hannity, 2/15/11]

Following A Speech By Mrs. Obama On Food Deserts, Ingraham Commented On Sasha Obama's Build. While playing a clip of Michelle Obama talking about food deserts, Laura Ingraham said, "One Of [Michelle Obama's] daughters apparently is not living in a food desert." [Talk Radio Network,  The Laura Ingraham Show,4/28/11]

Human Events' Mattera: Michelle Obama Is A "Dietary Dominatrix." Appearing on Fox Business Network, conservative author and radio host Jason Mattera called Michelle Obama a "dietary dominatrix." [Fox Business,  Follow the Money12/6/11, via  Media Matters]

Right-Wing Media Attacked First Lady's Body

Andrew Breitbart's Website Published A Cartoon Of An Overweight Michelle Obama Saying "Shut Up And Pass The Bacon!" Taking a cue from Rush Limbaugh's nickname for the first lady -- "Michelle, My Butt" -- one of Andrew Breitbart's websites posted a cartoon of an overweight Michelle Obama eating a plate-full of hamburgers and saying: "Shut up and pass the bacon!" [Big Government,  2/12/11, via  Media Matters]

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