2014 Oxfam report "85 people own more than the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet"

This statistic from  Oxfam is staggering. Just 85 people, the top 0.00000001 percent, own as much as the poorest 3.5 billion people on the planet.

Oxfam's concern is not only that wealth is concentrated at the top, but that it will remain this way, passed down from generation to generation like royalty.

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According to Nick Galasso, co-author of the report:

"High levels of inequality actually corrode democratic processes.  What we have seen across the globe and what the report documents is how wealth concentration is used to influence the political process to create laws and regulations that benefit the rich over everyone else."

2014 West Virginia chemical spill

Freedom Industries allowed to act freely (left alone by the EPA for 20 years) lets 7,500 gallons of MCHM (4-methylcyclohexane methanol) into the Elk River. 300,000 lose water for days.

 photo 2014-freedom-water_zps1e17a0d2.jpg

“Montani semper liberi,” Joe Manchin III, West Virginia's junior senator  said arguing for "freer markets" at an event sponsored by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity after the spill, “Mountaineers are always free.”

2013 Bangladesh garment factory collapse

1,132 people killed, 2,500 injured, 300 missing
Minimum wage for garment workers = $40/month

 photo 2013-bangladesh-factory-collapse-01_zpsd7923d72.jpg

Months later, little has changed and the South Asian country  continues to mourn the deaths of workers in other avoidable incidents.

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2013 West Fertilizer Company explosion in Texas

15 killed, 160 injured.

Texas law allows fertilizer storage facilities to operate without any liability insurance, even when they store hazardous materials.

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2012 Libor price fixing scandal

Possibly the biggest price-fixing scandal ever affecting upwards of $500 trillion of financial instruments.

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By the time litigation is through, its estimated 16 banks may face up to $35 billion in civil settlements in addition to other regulatory fines.

2012 Pink Slime

We find out that what we're eating in our beef looks like this: