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17 Restaurant Dishes With A Shockingly High Calorie Count (Even For America)

Even in this climate of unhinged gluttony, there are still a few restaurants that manage to shock and distress with just how little they seem to care about their patrons’ health.

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I know that this list has probably deluded us into feeling like this isn’t that bad, relatively speaking, but we need to address the sodium content in this: 1590 milligrams, which is about 70 percent of what we should be getting in a single day. Also, if you’re going to get a meatball sub, go to a real sandwich shop.

11. The Cheesecake Factory’s  Fish And Chips, 1920 Calories

And The Cheesecake Factory’s back, trollier than ever with this monstrosity!

12. P.F. Chang’s  Combo Lo Mein, 1968 Calories

I’m sure that P.F. Chang’s food — in addition to being a bland imitation of actual Chinese cuisine — is full of empty calories. But the numbers on this particular dish are still worth a nice mention.

13. Panera Bread’s  Full Sierra Turkey Sandwich, 810 Calories

It’s always nice to see something as theoretically healthy as turkey be transformed into something as calorically insane as this sandwich.

14. California Pizza Kitchen’s  Tuscan Hummus With Pita Bread, 970 Calories

Wait, no! Not hummus! Anything but hummus!

15. Cosi’s  Tomato And Basil Aurora Soup, 597 Calories

Even if you don’t order this supposedly “healthy” choice with a half grilled cheese, you’re still doing yourself no favors, and you’re probably not even going to leave the table full (but you will be bloated with sodium).

16. Cinnabon’s  Regular Sized Pecanbon, 1080 Calories

I feel like the most offensive thing about Cinnabons is that they’re not even good. Think of all the ACTUALLY good food you could get for those calories. There is no reason to be eating something like the Pecanbon, ever.

17. The Cheesecake Factory’s  Pasta Carbonara With Chicken, 2290 Calories

I am just so beyond understanding how this restaurant is allowed to exist, and what they could possibly putting in their mediocre food that enables it to be so thoroughly disgusting. It’s the kind of gluttony that leads to pot-bellied royalty getting beheaded in the town square as the starving peasants cheer. How is this possible? I just can’t.  TC mark

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