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The 10 Vilest Things Right-Wing Nutjobs Spewed This Week: Equality Sucks Edition

Surprise, surprise, a one percenter thinks we are not all created equal.

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Not only do they try to empower girls, the radical left-wing cookie sellers have also advocated for the rights of transgender members. They’re very, very dangerous. Lock all the doors and don’t answer the doorbell.

7. Ryan Zinke: 'Hillary Clinton is the Antichrist.'

Well, at least Republican State Senator Ryan Zinke does not have a problem with exaggeration. The former Navy SEAL, who is now running for Congress in Montana, said during a campaign stop this week he is worried the country is losing sight of the real threat to the nation: Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps he got spooked when he saw the bizarre recent New York Times magazine cover of Clinton in which her face is portrayed as a planet. “ We need to focus on the real enemy,” Zinke said on Monday, referring to Clinton, according to the local paper, the Bigfork Eagle. Then he called the former Secretary of State, the "Antichrist."

Zinke said he wants to restore truth, grace, honor and decency, which he called “our moral compass. It’s always been Judeo-Christian,” he said. With the present administration, “It’s whatever you can get away with.”

Oh the Antichrist, that devious shapeshifter.

8. Phyllis Schlafly: 'Many Americans are moving out of marriage equality states in protest.'

Americans are voting with their feet again, according to Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly, who has been able to detect a massive exodus away from states that allow same-sex marriage. Why, you may wonder, has this trend not been reported elsewhere? Must be one of those vast left-wing media conspiracies. All they cover is the fact that same-sex couples are in some cases moving to states where they can have their marriages legally recognized. They are so biased.

A recent ruling in New Jersey set Schlafly off on her radio show:

The Court held that because the U.S. Supreme Court had recently ordered that federal benefits be granted to same-sex couples who are married under state law, the civil union law in New Jersey was inadequate to ensure that homosexual couples in New Jersey are able to receive the same benefits as married couples.

There was no dissent from the New Jersey Court’s ruling, not even by Christie’s own judicial appointments. But many Americans are dissenting with their feet, by moving away from same-sex marriage states and into the many states that continue to recognize the value of marriage as being between only one man and one woman.

There you have it. The latest trend. Straight flight.

(h/t: rightwingwatch)

9. Rand Paul to single mothers: 'Enough’s enough.'

Libertarian nutjob Rand Paul thinks single mothers need a good, stern talking to. At a luncheon in Lexington, KY recently, he suggested that, “Maybe we have to say ‘enough’s enough, you shouldn’t be having kids after a certain amount,’” to single mothers who receive government assistance.

Normally Paul likes kids—he comes from a big family—and he certainly wouldn’t want to give poor women access to birth control or abortions because fetuses are people who deserve full personhood and constitutional rights. But once they are actual children, well, that’s where the government’s responsibility ends. Because, enough’s enough. Paul also wants to abolish the Department of Education, which would eliminate funding for programs that support low-income families, Pell Grants, Head Start, you know, all those free rides. So depriving those kids of poor single mothers access to education is a great way to get the message across. Enough’s enough, he said.

Also Paul certainly does not support laws that address the gender pay gap because he’s a great believer that “the market determines” what wages should be. So, women, stop being so greedy. Uncle Rand says enough’s enough.

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