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10 Fascinating Things About Sex, Lust and Love You Probably Didn't Know

Science has come a long way in understand sexuality.

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10. If sex makes you sick, ask your doctor about injecting yourself with semen
Have you heard of post-orgasm illness syndrome, or POIS? It's something entirely different from post-coital regret; it's a rare condition characterized by flu-like symptoms — including fever, runny nose,extreme fatigue and burning eyes — that arise following ejaculation and can last for up to a week. It's basically one of the most unfortunate syndromes on Earth. Ever.

But there is hope for sufferers of POIS. According to two studies published by researches at Utrecht university,  men with the syndrome may just be allergic to their own semen, a finding that could open doors to helpful therapeutic options.

In the first study, 88 percent of men diagnosed with POIS were subjected to a skin-prick test (using a diluted form of their own semen) and had a positive skin response indicative of an allergic reaction.  In the second study, men diagnosed with POIS were treated with hyposensitization therapy (which is commonly used to treat allergies), which involved exposing the patients to skin injections containing increasing amounts of their own semen. The study revealed that over the course of three years, the men showed a significant drop in their POIS symptoms. (A similar form of treatment has been proposed for  women who are allergic to semen.)

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