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10 Biggest Right-Wing Idiots This Week (Not Even Including Arizona Homophobes)

Pat Buchanan, Pat Robertson or Dick Cheney: who does the statue go to?

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We had not heard of this “fat pill” before. Please do enlighten us, Gavin.

Democratic activist Jehmu Greene, the liberal foil on the show, pointed out that it was wrong to demonize the food assistance program and hungry children because of one surfer Bill O’Reilly’s producer found in California.

“Why not? Let’s demonize them!” McInnes exclaimed. “Have you seen the poor? They’re gigantic! They’re overfed!”

 “Talk to a hungry child,” Greene suggested.

“I’d love to,” McInnes replied. “I can’t talk to them, they’re too big, they can’t get off their chair."

If you're a little lost here, you're not alone.

8. Douchebag named Jack Bridwell just does not understand why people are offended by a Confederate flag license plate.

Jack Bridwell, the state commander of the Georgia division of Sons of Confederate Veterans, has designed a specialty license plate that prominently features a large Confederate battle flag. He cannot, for the life of him, understand why this might be controversial or offensive. “What’s the big deal?” he asked plaintively this week. “If I offend anyone, I don’t understand why because we had the emblem on there for years.”

Well, that certainly makes it much better.

Guess he missed the part in history class explaining that the Confederate flag represents racism, injustice, slavery and oppression of blacks, as well as the South just refusing to accept the results of a democratic election. But this is his heritage, and he wants to celebrate it.

Next month: Third Reich heritage month?

9. CNBC’s Joe Kernen: Climate change is like witchcraft.

It’s great to know you can find lunatics all over TV and that idiocy is not limited to Fox News. This winter has really thrown off a lot of people who are immune to scientific study. Because it’s been so cold out their front doors on the East Coast. So therefore, climate change is a hoax, no matter what’s going on in Australia or California. What matters is whether they have to wear a really warm coat or not.

CNBC’s Joe Kernen says climate change, and January’s record-setting heat, probably had nothing to do with increasing CO2 emissions. No, he prefers to go with the explanation that it is just inexplicable.

“It’s almost like witchcraft,” Kernen said on Thursday. “In the Middle Ages it was witchcraft. You would have attributed adverse weather events to witchcraft. Now we just have CO2 at this point.”

Yes, Joe, those two things are very similar, science and witchcraft, witchcraft and science. Whatever.

Then again, this was the week, as Phil Plait pointed out in Slate, when a lot of climate science deniers lost their “expletive deleted.” It was hard to outdo Charles Krauthammer’s Washington Post op-ed in which he called climate scientists “whores.”

In the biblical sense, of course.

10. Cheney rears his Darth Vader-like head: Obama would rather buy food stamps than have a strong military.

It is not enough for Dick Cheney that Barack Obama has upped America’s use of drones and used them to kill more innocent folks in the Middle East than his predecessor. The president has gone soft, Cheney says. He would rather spend money on “food stamps” than on the military. Cheney expressed this view on Monday to Sean Hannity in an interview about the proposal  put forth by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel calling for shrinking the Army to its smallest size in 74 years, closing bases and reshaping forces. The former vice president called the cuts “ just devastating.”

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